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Don’t just bounce back – bounce forward!


What does it mean to be resilient?
Why is it so important?

Developing your ability to become more resilient has never been more important.

Stress and uncertainty are more common than ever, and higher resilience helps you deal with these more effectively and bounce forward by increasing the frequency of high resilience you have.

The good news is resilience can be learned!

Resilience isn’t just about bouncing back in times of stress and adversity, but rather, it’s about bouncing forward.

Highly resilient people respond to stress with flexibility, bounce back from challenges, and even find opportunities within the workplace and personal stress.

They perform more effectively in their jobs, are healthier, more engaged with their work and have a higher commitment to their organisations. These skills and benefits flow into their personal lives.

So what is Resilience? 


Flexible, adaptable to change


Find opportunities for growth within challenges


Beyond bouncing back to bouncing forward


Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset

Why is it important to be resilient?


Remain flexible when things change


Maintain good relationships with co-workers


Control negative emotions with customers and co-workers


Support changes at work


Accept feedback


Feel empowered within their role


Stay motivated to perform well


Stay engaged with their work

Imagine knowing your strengths and resilience levels – then having a personal coach work through how to leverage your areas of strength to deal with stress and change more effectively.

What would it mean to understand what your triggers are, how to handle the“little voice in your head” that causes doubt?

Imagine having a bank of strategies to deal with change and stress!

That’s what the Resilience Lab provides.

Develop your resilience with our interactive and engaging online course 

The Resilience Lab

The Resilience Lab is an interactive, self-paced course with three key components:

An evidence-based questionnaire to learn your current resilient levels.

A comprehensive recorded webinar taking you through what the questionnaire results mean, helping you understand your strengths, how to leverage them and the impact this can have on your ability to deal with challenges and stress.

A detailed workbook to use in conjunction with the webinar, stepping you through how you can develop the different components of Resilience, build your own Resilience Roadmap and a detailed Action Plan to make an immediate impact on your Resilience levels.

You will complete the course with a clear understanding of your Resilience, know your strengths, have practical strategies to help you manage stress and change more effectively and have a realistic plan to use in your personal and professional life.

Best of all, you can complete the course at a perfect time for you! Once purchased, you have lifetime access, so you can refer back to the materials time and time again.

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