Investing in your people is an investment in your business success.


You know that the people within your business are what make the difference, no matter whether your team is 2 or 2000. Whether it’s you as the owner, your leadership group or your fabulous team members – investing in your humans is what builds a sustainable business.

KTSB began out of a belief that effective leadership, high performing teams and results for businesses of all sizes start with engaged, connected and passionate people. We offer enterprise and corporate level training customised for your business size.

Our approach keeps the focus on three areas – Leadership Development, Social Intelligence and Resilience. These areas have been proven to impact business performance and profitability by increasing engagement, productivity and commitment in staff.

Behind KTSB

Our founder Kerry Kingham is described as passionate, driven, connected to people, transformational and committed to a shared vision. Really, she’s someone who loves to solve a problem. Let me be clear, Kerry is not some kind of strange “fixer” – rather, she has some serious skills when it comes to understanding people and bringing them together as a high performing group. These skills come from a fascination with all thing’s leadership, high performance, and resilience related.

With a background in corporate and now as a small business owner herself, Kerry understands the needs of both sectors.

With over 20 years’ experience in senior sales leadership roles, an MBA, Graduate Certificate in Project Management, along with Certification in Social Styles and Resilience training from TRACOM, one of the world’s largest Social Intelligence organisations, Kerry has some serious street cred and experience in the areas of people and performance.

For over 12 months, she has taught Leadership online at an MBA level via the Australian Institute of Business (the largest MBA provider in Australia) meaning, to date, she has taught over 300 students how to develop their Leadership skills and improve personal and team performance. Her work in the field of Social Intelligence and Resilience training adds another dimension to developing performance and engagement in business teams.

Kerry ‘s approach delivers a close and transparent culture, reduced conflict and proof that high performance and leading with heart are not mutually exclusive.

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