I'm Kerry Kingham,
Director of KTSB Consulting


I have been an expert in sales and change management for over 30 years. It has been my responsibility to build teams and processes, from the ground up, in businesses and organisations of all sizes, across a highly diverse set of industries.

With extensive experience as a Senior Sales, People and Change Manager, backed by an MBA, I’m passionate about helping you, your business or organisation, successfully implement positive performance, process and cultural change. I also secretly love all things CRM and Customer Experience related!

I’m committed to understanding what your business vision and values are and helping you and your team deliver on them.

Work with me if you’re a leader looking for growth, improvement in your people, performance, processes or culture, without having to understand a whole heap of corporate speak.



KTSB Consulting understands that achieving business growth looks different for everyone and every business – how you get there is a journey unique to you. That’s why we really get to know you and your business, then educate and arm you with tailored tools you need to take control of your business.

We review your business growth, position and vision; the culture, staff and the industry, as well as identify any issues and opportunities, then we are able to outline recommendations and help you execute and reach your goals.

The process is simple really. Book your FREE, no obligation, discovery call, we'll listen and help you understand the best combination of services available from our variety of consulting packages. This process ensures that every service we provide is geared specifically towards what your business needs.

Of course, we also offer bespoke approaches - time & materials, hourly, daily and project based pricing. Simply book a time to discuss the needs of your organisation.



From start ups right through to national corporates, Kerry has been engaged to motivate, train & build teams through intensive 1:1 scenarios right up to crowds of over 400 strong. Speaking, Training and Workshop delivery both face to face or remotely via webinars can be tailored to ensure the right outcomes for your business.  



  • What does “High Performance” mean? What is it, why is it important and why is it the latest buzzword?
  • KPI’s are not a dirty word – taking the fear out of KPI’s
  • Scaling your business – systems are your friends
  • Customer engagement and retention – love them or lose them
  • Using partnerships to build profits – what does collaboration really mean?
  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast – the key to success
  • People, Performance and Culture – a focus on your people leads to profits
  • Mission and Value Statements – don’t call bullshit on these, they work!
  • Retaining the right staff and releasing the wrong ones
  • Crucial conversations – how to talk about the crappy stuff
  • Staff turnover isn’t always bad
  • Leadership Loser?  Don’t be one!
  • Managing with versatility – you won’t get what you want until they get what they need
  • Social styles – different strokes for different folks – know them as well as you know yourself
  • Goal setting for personal and business success – be S.M.A.R.T about it!

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